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Eurus Energy develops, invests in and operates renewable energy projects worldwide, with a focus on onshore wind and photovoltaic projects. We have been expanding our clean energy portfolio ever since our first wind project in California’s Mojave Desert in the late 1980s. We actively source new projects to develop with local partners in various parts of the world. Eurus Energy Europe B.V. is a part of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, which is owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Our stats

Since 1993 Installed capacity 1196MW Countries 6
2.6TWh Electricity per year =
0.8M Households per year =
1.5M Ton CO2 saved per year =
170M Trees saved per year

Partner in development

We believe that cooperation, innovation and a long-term vision are key to building a truly sustainable energy system. With these values in mind, we aspire to develop and operate our growing portfolio of renewable energy installations across the globe.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience developing wind projects and over 10 years in utility-scale PV installations. By balancing our portfolio across various parts of the world, we mitigate weather-related risks and regulatory uncertainty. Our shareholder Toyota Tsusho Corporation provides further stability to our company.

We are keen to work with partner-developers across Europe. When we step in during the development phase of your project, we can bring added value by sharing our expertise in procurement, financing and project management and by providing equity investment. This is mostly feasible for project sizes above 10MW. During the operational phase of the project, we prefer to be the majority shareholder.

If you are looking for an experienced partner developer and equity investor, please get in touch.


We provide expertise in renewable energy projects from our experience since the 1980s


We work together with local partners, ensuring that the projects are realised in the interest of the local communities

Long term

We commit ourselves for the lifetime of the project, and optimise the project for long-term operation

Our projects

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Construction commenced for ‘Ariette’ Battery installation, The Netherlands

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Our team

Eurus Energy group consists of about 300 professionals specialised in various fields of the renewable business. Below you will find our team in Europe.

Koji Tsuchimoto

Managing Director

Taichi Katayama


Javier Carrero Vicente

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Our offices

The Netherlands (EU HQ)

Eurus Energy Europe B.V. UN Studio, 10th floor Parnassusweg 821B, 1082 LZ Amsterdam

The Netherlands (Groningen)

Eurus Energy Europe B.V. Ubbo Emmiussingel 19, 9711 BB Groningen


Eurus Energías Renovables S.A.U. Carreira do Conde 2, 1°B 15701, Santiago de Compostela A Coruña

United Kingdom

Eurus Energy UK Ltd 2nd Floor St Davids House New Road, SY16 1RB Newtown, Powys


Eurus Energy Norway AS Buevegen 808 4360 Varhaug Rogaland

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