Construction commenced for ‘Ariette’ Battery installation, The Netherlands

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Eurus and its contractors have started the construction of the ‘Ariette’ battery project. This battery energy storage system (BESS) is jointly developed and owned by Eurus Energy Europe BV and Toyota Tsusho Europe SA.

It comprises of a containerised installation, with a capacity of 1 MW and 2.5 MWh. The BESS will be co-located with the Eurus-owned ‘Windpark Mondriaan’. This wind farm has a total installed capacity of 38.7 MW and is located in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands. By sharing a grid connection with the windfarm, the BESS makes optimal use of existing infrastructure. It will be employed to provide various services to grid operators, and to mitigate energy imbalance on the electricity grid.

The system will be taken into operation in the second quarter of 2024.

Outline of the Project

Project name Ariette Battery Energy Storage System
Location Farmsum, Groningen, The Netherlands
Rated power 1 MW
Capacity 2.5 MWh
Contractors Alsema / Koninklijke Sjouke Dijkstra

Eurus advances ‘Oosterhorn Hydrogen’ project in The Netherlands

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Groningen, 11-10-2023 – Eurus Energy Europe B.V. (’Eurus’), a group company of Eurus Energy Holdings,  has achieved a pivotal milestone in its mission to produce sustainable energy.The company has secured permits to build a 20 MW electrolyser facility, a crucial step towards green hydrogen generation for the chemical industry cluster near Delfzijl in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands. The project is finalizing its design and contracts and anticipates an investment decision in 2024. Commercial operations are targeted to start in 2025, positioning it among the pioneering green hydrogen initiatives in The Netherlands.

The facility will integrate seamlessly with existing renewable energy infrastructure, such as the nearby Eurus-owned Windpark Mondriaan. The installation is designed to produce carbon-neutral hydrogen as a feedstock for local industries, while mitigating congestion on the local electricity grid.

Following the Oosterhorn project, Eurus is poised to develop subsequent green hydrogen initiatives in The Netherlands and beyond. Koji Tsuchimoto, Managing Director of Eurus Energy Europe, stated, “This facility underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability, as we aspire to be at the forefront of renewable hydrogen generation.”

Eurus specializes in developing, investing in, and operating renewable energy projects worldwide. With over 30 years of expertise in onshore wind energy, the company aims to leverage this experience for the expansion of energy storage and electrolyser capacity. Amsterdam and Groningen-based Eurus Energy Europe B.V. is a subsidiary of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, which is wholly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

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Partial transfer of the shares of two wind farms in the Netherlands

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Partial transfer of the shares of two wind farms in the Netherlands



As of November 16, 2021, Eurus Energy Group has completed a partial transfer of its shares in two wind farms operating in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, Windpark Mauve and Windpark Mondriaan, to Groningen Seaports NV.


Groningen Seaports is a public enterprise that manages and operates the Ports of Delfzijl and Eemshaven, as well as adjacent industrial estates. We will continue to manage the operation of the two wind farms, both of which are located near the Port of Delfzijl. Furthermore, Eurus and Groningen Seaports have entered into a long-term collaboration to develop renewable energy projects in the region, including new businesses such as the production of green hydrogen.


Groningen Seaports CEO Cas König is proud of the collaboration: “Eurus is a major player in sustainable energy worldwide. It opens doors to new markets and collaborations. We are pleased that such a large company endorses the importance of the northern seaports and sees opportunities in our area.”


Koji Tsuchimoto, Managing Director Eurus Energy Europe, sees this as an important step: “With Groningen Seaports as our partner, we will redouble our commitment to the responsible operation of Mauve and Mondriaan wind farms, as well as further expansion of sustainable energy business in Groningen.”


Aiming to realize our corporate philosophy of “Helping to Preserve the Global Environment by Disseminating and Expanding Clean Energy Technologies” and to contribute to the creation of a sustainable economy and society, Eurus is accelerating our efforts to create new business opportunities besides the power generation business.


“Wind farms Mondriaan and Mauve at industrial area Oosterhorn at Delfzijl (photo Groningen Seaports)”


Outline of the Project

Name of the project Capacity (MW) unites Wind Turbine Type Start of  operation
Windpark Mauve 30.1 7 Vestas V136 4.3 MW 2021/5
Windpark Mondriaan 38.7 9 Vestas V136 4.3 MW 2021/9
TOTAL 68.8 16


Three Wind Farms in Groningen, the Netherlands, Started Commercial Operation

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 9 September 2021
Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, announced that three wind farms in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, have been successfully constructed and started commercial operation. The three wind farms consist of 36 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 155 MW.
Two of the three wind farms, Windpark Mauve and Windpark Mondriaan, are located near the Port of Delfzijl. The third wind farm, Windpark Vermeer, is located approximately 20 km to the south of the two others. The construction of the wind farms was managed by YARD ENERGY, from which Eurus acquired the projects in 2019. The power generated at the three wind farms, which will be sufficient for supplying renewable electricity for approximately 200,000 households, is sold to Eneco Group.
The National Climate Agreement, concluded in 2019 by the Dutch government and various stakeholders, targets a 49% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Koji Tsuchimoto, Managing Director of Eurus Energy Europe B.V., states: “The Netherlands’ ambitious climate policy provides great opportunities for the long-term growth of its renewable energy market. We are committed to further expanding our business in the Netherlands and contributing to achieving its climate goals.” Eurus entered the Dutch market in 2016, and currently owns and operates 20 wind farms with the total capacity of 303 MW in the country.

 Overview of the wind farms Wind farm Municipality Capacity (MW) # of turbines Turbine type Start of operation
Windpark Vermeer Midden-Groningen / Veendam 86.0 20 Siemens Gamesa


Apr. 2021
Windpark Mauve Eemsdelta 30.1 7 Vestas V136-4.3 MW May 2021
Windpark Mondriaan Eemsdelta 38.7 9 Vestas V136-4.3 MW Sept. 2021

Construction of Photovoltaic Power Plant in Chile

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Eurus Energy Group has begun its construction of 10 Photovoltaic Power Plants in Chile, with total power output of approximately 68MW AC or 80MW DC.

All power plants are planned to be built within a range of 50 to 400 km from Santiago, the capital of Chile, and will be promoted based on PMGD* model, a small-scale distributed generation support system. The construction will start sequentially from June 2021, with all projects scheduled to start commercial operation in 2022.

Eurus Energy Group has operated 2 Photovoltaic Power Plants in Chile since 2017, and when these new projects are completed, the total power output of Eurus-owned power plants in Chile will reach 86MW AC (approximately 100MW DC).

Chile has a governmental goal of completing decarbonization by 2050, and is actively introducing renewable energy. Furthermore, Chile has one of the highest amounts of solar radiation in the world.

We are looking forward to helping realize the expansion of renewable energy in Chile.

*PMGD (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuída): Designed for smaller, distributed generation projects.

Eurus Energy’s First Photovoltaic Power Plant in Taiwan

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We are pleased to announce the start of commercial operation of our first photovoltaic power plant project in Taiwan.

Including this latest addition, Eurus is now operating or constructing power plants in 15 countries around the world.

The Photovoltaic Power Plant is located in Pingtung County, the southernmost county of Taiwan, the installation of solar panels manufactured by URE Co., Ltd provide an output of 1,985kW, and commercial operations began in December 2020.

This project was developed by W Energy Investment Corporation, a Taiwanese renewable energy developer. Eurus will invest in a 40% share of Helios Green Energy, the project holding company.

The Taiwanese government has set a target for increasing the share of renewable energy up to 20% by 2025, and is continuing to make proactive efforts, such as by adopting a feed-in tariff, to expand the introduction of renewable energy.

In 2018, Eurus established a local subsidiary in Taiwan, Eurus Energy Taiwan Co, Ltd. (“Eurus Energy Taiwan”). Having established an operating presence in the market, Eurus now looks to further develop its renewable energy business in Taiwan.


Windpark Deil in the Netherlands Starts Commercial Operation

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 1 July 2020
Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, announced today the start of commercial operation of Windpark Deil, a 21 MW wind farm located in the municipality of West Betuwe in Gelderland, the Netherlands.
Windpark Deil consists of five Vestas V136-4.2 MW wind turbines, each with a hub height of 140 meters, a rotor diameter of 136 meters and a rated power of 4.2 MW. The construction of the wind farm has been managed by YARD ENERGY, from which Eurus acquired the project in 2018. The power generated at Windpark Deil, which will be sufficient for supplying renewable electricity for more than 26,000 households, will be sold to Eneco Group.

Toyota Tsusho and Eurus Energy Hold Ceremony to Mark Completion of Egypt’s First Wind Power IPP Project

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Toyota Tsusho and Eurus Energy Hold Ceremony to Mark Completion of Egypt’s First Wind Power IPP Project

– Contributing to the spread of renewable energy in the country with green and low-priced electricity –


Toyota Tsusho Corporation (“Toyota Tsusho”) and its group company Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation (“Eurus Energy”) today announced a ceremony on December 5 in Cairo, Egypt to mark the completion of a newly constructed 262.5 MW wind power plant in the Arab Republic of Egypt which began operation on October 31.


This is Egypt’s first-ever wind power independent power producer (“IPP”) project. Toyota Tsusho and Eurus Energy partnered with French electric utility company Engie S.A. and Egyptian construction company Orascom Construction S.A.E. to establish Ras Ghareb Wind Energy S.A.E. which will own and operate the power plant for the next 20 years and sell electricity to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company.


With the completion of this power plant, Toyota Tsusho and Eurus Energy will contribute to the spread of green and low-priced renewable energy in Egypt and aim to expand the wind power generation business in the future. Going forward, the companies will also plan to further develop the renewable energy business in Africa.

  • Project overview
Location Gulf of El Zayt, Arab Republic of Egypt
Power generation capacity 262.5 MW (2.1 MW x 125 units)
Operating company name Ras Ghareb Wind Energy S.A.E.
Investment ratio ・    Toyota Tsusho Group 40%
(Toyota Tsusho Corporation 30%, Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation 10%)・    Engie S.A. 40%・    Orascom Construction S.A.E. 20%
Electricity purchaser Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company
Start of construction December 2017
Start of commercial operation October 2019


Eurus Energy and YARD ENERGY to Build Three Wind Farms Totaling 155 MW in Groningen, the Netherlands

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Amsterdam and Amersfoort, the Netherlands – 1 October 2019
Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, and YARD ENERGY Group (“YARD”), a Dutch-based developer of wind energy projects, jointly announced today that they have achieved financial close for the construction of Windpark Mauve, Windpark Mondriaan and Windpark Vermeer, with a combined capacity of 155 MW, in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. Eurus acquired the projects from YARD prior to financial close. YARD will remain as a minority shareholder in the projects.
Windpark Mauve and Windpark Mondriaan will be built near the Port of Delfzijl and will consist respectively of seven and nine wind turbines. Both projects will be financed by Rabobank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Windpark Vermeer, consisting of 20 wind turbines, will be located approximately 20 km to the south of the two other wind farms, and will also be financed by the two banks, together with ABN AMRO Bank and BNG Bank. Eneco will offtake the renewable electricity from all three wind farms, in an amount equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 200,000 households.
The three wind farms will bring the total wind capacity of Eurus in the Netherlands to 303 MW by 2021, when all three wind farms are expected to start operation. Hidenori Mitsuoka, Managing Director of Eurus Energy Europe, stated: “Thanks to the successful partnership with YARD ENERGY, our portfolio in the Netherlands will soon become our second largest in Europe after Spain. We hope to grow our Dutch business further and thus contribute to achieving the EU target of 40% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030.” YARD has been working on the development of the three wind farms since 2014, and will also manage their construction. Kevin Dijkers, CEO of YARD, commented: “Reaching financial close of these three wind farms again proves that entering into a strategic partnership with Eurus Energy was the right decision. Working together with our reliable partner, we were able to accelerate our development process and reach financial close earlier than anticipated. The three projects significantly contribute to the Dutch targets for renewable energy, and we are very proud of this result”.
Stibbe, Clifford Chance, and Cees Advocaten provided legal advisory services, PwC and mth accountants & adviseurs provided tax advisory services, and IX Wind provided technical services for the transaction. Allen & Overy, DNV GL, Loyens & Loeff, and Marsh provided the lenders with legal, technical, tax, and insurance advice respectively, and Rebel audited the financial model.




Eurus Energy Marks the 1 GW Milestone in Europe as Windpark Spui in the Netherlands Starts Operation

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Eurus Energy Group (“Eurus”), a leading Japanese renewable energy company, announced today the start of commercial operation of Windpark Spui, a 21 MW wind farm located in the municipality of Hoeksche Waard in South Holland, the Netherlands. Windpark Spui consists of five Enercon E-126 EP4 wind turbines, each with a hub height of 135 meters, a rotor diameter of 127 meters and a rated power of 4.2 MW. The construction of the wind farm has been managed by YARD ENERGY, with Enercon acting as the project EPC contractor. The power generated at Windpark Spui, which will be sufficient for supplying renewable electricity for more than 24,000 households, will be sold to Eneco Group. YARD ENERGY will remain in the project as a minority shareholder. With the successful completion of the construction of Windpark Spui, the total capacity of Eurus’ wind farms in Europe now stands at 1,020 MW, passing the 1 GW milestone. Tetsuya Suwabe, Managing Director of Eurus Energy Europe, states: “As a global frontrunner in the field of renewable energy, Europe has always been one of the key markets for the growth of Eurus Energy Group. We will continue to expand our European project portfolio and contribute to further progress in Europe’s energy transition.” Eurus entered the European market in the early 1990s with investment in two wind farms in the UK, and currently has operational assets in six European countries.

Koji Tsuchimoto

Managing Director

Mr. Tsuchimoto joined Eurus Energy Europe as the Managing Director in September 2021. He also serves as an executive officer taking charge of overseas business in Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation which is the parent company of Eurus Energy Europe and is a joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company. He has been engaged in the energy industry for more than 30 years and has worked for Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation since 2017.


Taichi Katayama

Director of Development

Taichi is one of the earliest members of the Amsterdam team. He has experience with development of projects in many different countries.


Javier Carrero Vicente

Director, Head of Asset Management

Javier has been working in the wind industry since the 90s involved in development, construction and maintenance of wind projects. Currently, as responsible of the Asset Management team in Europe, his main goal is to create a solid organization aimed at optimizing the European operational projects in an effective and efficient way and based on the worldwide experience and accumulated know-how.


Daan van Vulpen

Business development

Daan has joined Eurus Europe in 2017 and has been responsible for development, acquisition and financing of onshore wind projects in the Netherlands. He works closely with the partners of Eurus Energy and implements smart project management tools in order to optimize the development process and the transfer of the projects to asset management. Prior to joining Eurus Energy Daan spent three years working as a consultant Finance Ideas, focusing on sustainable investments in real estate.


Wouter van den Berg

Director, General Counsel

Wouter van den Berg is a Director of Eurus Energy Europe and part of its Management Committee. In his role as General Counsel, he is responsible for all of European legal affairs (Corporate, Business Development and Asset Management) and heads EEE’s legal team. Prior to joining Eurus Energy, Wouter worked as an associate with Clifford Chance focussing on corporate M&A and project finance and subsequently as legal counsel in an international construction company. He has 15 years of experience in the energy sector, having acted for banks, investors, developers and contractors. Wouter graduated with a Master of Laws degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and a LL.M. degree from Boston University in the USA and is qualified to practice both Dutch and New York law.


Yoshihiko Ohsa

General Manager, Engineering

Mr. Ohsa joined Eurus Energy Europe B.V. in March 2017 as General Manager of engineering part. His primary responsibility is to support all activity from development to O&M from in terms of the engineering part. So, He works closely with all teams to provide engineering part which should be taken into account and which will be related its commercial condition. Prior to this, Mr. Ohsa worked from 2005 in both developing projects as project manager and construction projects as construction manager in Japan and Korea. Furthermore, he played a role of HQ function for mainly European projects and Australia projects from the viewpoint of construction management including the review of wind resource analysis. He gained experience in comprehensive knowledge of wind energy industry from his career above.



General manager

Mr.Tsuruta  re-joined Eurus Energy Europe in April 2019 as General Manager in charge of Business Planning and Human Resources.  Prior to this assignment, he worked at several departments in Eurus’ head office in Tokyo such as Business Development, Human Resources, Safety Management and Information System from 2013 to 2019. Mr.Tsuruta has gained overseas business experience for renewable energy for more than 12 years at Eurus in Barcelona and London in addition to more than 20 yeas of experience in Japan.   Mr.Tsuruta  majored in Sociology at Hosei University in Tokyo and also studied as an exchange program student with scholarship at Baylor University in Texas.


Tomomi Ara

Accounting assistant

Tomomi Ara joined Eurus as Accounting Assistant in July 2017. Experienced accounting/administration work in Japan and the Netherlands. She is responsible for assisting Accounting & Finance manager and bookkeeping for EEE and the group companies in Europe.


Teemu Vekkeli

Technical manager

Teemu Vekkeli joined Eurus Energy Europe in 2019 as O&M Technical Manager in the Asset Management team. Mr. Vekkeli is responsible for the technical aspects of the entire EEE portfolio. Prior to joining EEE, he served in various engineering and management roles in both onshore and offshore wind energy since 2007. Mr. Vekkeli holds a M.Sc in Engineering from TUT, Finland.


Rik Frankfort

Business development manager

Rik Frankfort joined Eurus as business development manager in January 2019. He works on project acquisition, development and financing, with a focus on (corporate) power purchase agreements. Prior to joining Eurus, he worked as an originator of renewable energy contracts across Europe for a Dutch utility. He holds a Master of Science degree from Eindhoven University of Technology. Rik is driven to work towards a energy system that is sustainable, reliable and affordable for everyone. He believes that creative solutions and strong partnerships are key for reaching these goals. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch via e-mail or LinkedIn.


Carolien Ijzerman

Office Manager

Carolien joined Eurus in 2017 and ensures for a smooth running of the office. Her job ranges from day to day administration to supporting members of every team at Eurus. Prior to working at Eurus Energy Carolien has worked at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Europe. Carolien holds a bachelor’s degree in Japan studies from Leiden University.



QHSE Manager

Daniel joined Eurus Energy Europe on April 1st 2019 as the new Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager within the Asset Management team. He is responsible of managing QHSE related topics across the European portfolio as well as providing support to the Asset Management teams.  His aim is also to improve the HSE Performance of O&M Contractors / Subcontractors through implementation of audits. Prior to joining EEE, Daniel worked in Poland for EDF Renewables in the Operation & Maintenance of onshore windfarms. Earlier, he also worked for few years as an HSE consultant in France and in French overseas territories. Daniel, originally from Nantes (FR), graduated from EME - Ecole des Metiers de l’Environnement in 2012 where he received his Environmental Engineer Diploma focusing on Renewable Energies.


Bram de Roos

Business development manager

Bram de Roos joined Eurus in May 2019 as Business Development Manager and has a focus on the financing of Eurus’ projects. Next to arranging project finance debt, he also works on other aspects of project development leading to Financial Close, especially in the Netherlands. Throughout his career, Bram has worked at several banks including ING and Triodos focussing on project finance transactions in the renewables space. He has experience in the full range of technologies from offshore wind to concentrated solar power throughout Europe and the Middle East. He obtained a dual Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies and Political Science at Leiden University, and a Master of Arts in International Trade and Investment Policy from the George Washington University in Washington DC.


Sharif Soliman

Legal Counsil

Sharif Soliman is Legal Counsel within Eurus Energy Europe, involved in all of its legal affairs (Corporate, Business Development and Asset Management). Before joining Eurus, Sharif was admitted to the Amsterdam Bar and an associate at the Corporate M&A section of NautaDutilh, where he advised both national and international clients on a wide range of corporate law issues, including corporate governance, corporate structuring, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and directors' and officers' liability. In addition to his experience in corporate law, he has gained experience in corporate litigation, commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, setting-aside proceedings and internal investigations. Sharif also has experience as a corporate legal counsel at Rabobank Group, where he focussed on international and national sustainability projects. Sharif studied at Vrije Universiteit, where he obtained a LL.B. in Dutch law (honours & cum laude) and a LL.M. in Business law (cum laude).


Frank Hoiting

Business Development

Frank started his working life as a technical officer in the merchant marine and cruise ships, travelled around the world for 10 years. Fascinated by encountering the natural elements: water, sun and wind. Therefore made the switch to renewable energy more than 20 years ago, after several marketing & sales and management jobs in energy and infrastructure. It is a great challenge to strengthen the Eurus Business Development team. Will use all my experience and knowledge for the new Eurus strategy for the own development of renewable business.